Major Requirements

As per University of Washington rules, students need a total of 180 credits in order to graduate. The University and College of Arts and Science graduation requirements can be found in your DARS report.

Graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics can be found below.  Students interested in the Data Science option should scroll down to B.S. in Statistics (with Data Science option). 

For students intending graduate studies, it is strongly recommended that you take as many additional upper level mathematics and statistics as possible. However, not all choices are suitable as electives. This should not, however, deter you from considering these courses to round out your education.



B.S. in Statistics: minimum of 70 credits as follows:

  • Mathematics (30 credits): 
    • either MATH 1245, MATH 1255, MATH 1265, MATH 3073, MATH 3083, MATH 3003, MATH 3273, MATH 4243,
    • or the Honors sequence MATH 1345, MATH 1355, MATH1365, MATH 3345, MATH 3355, and MATH 3365.
  • Computing (7-9 credits):  
    • CSE 142;
    • either STAT 302 (recommended), or CSE 143 or an approved substitute.
  • Statistics (24-27 credits):
    • Introductory statistics -- STAT 311 (highly recommended), or STAT 390, or an approved substitute
    • Probability theory -- Either STAT 340 (highly recommended) or both STAT/MATH 394 and STAT/MATH 395.
    • Theory sequence -- STAT 341, STAT 342.
    • Applied sequence – STAT 421*, STAT 423*.    (* Note that 342 is required for STAT majors to enroll in 421 and 423)
  • Electives:  At least 3 courses for a total of 9 credits from the list of electives .

B.S. in Statistics (with Data Science option):  minimum of 70 credits as follows

  • Mathematics (30 credits): same as above
  • Computing (9 credits): from  CSE 142, CSE 143,  STAT 302, CSE 160, CSE 163.
  • Statistics (24-27 credits): same as above
  • Electives:
    • One of the following: HCDE 411, INFO 474, CSE 442, CSE 412.
    • One of the following:  CSE 414,  INFO 330.
    • One of the following: CSE 491, SOC 225, or approved 1 credit seminar covering privacy, security, ethics, and society implications of data science.
    • Two from the following list: STAT 403, STAT 425, STAT 435.



Planning Your Program of Study

If you intend to pursue a statistics major, we strongly recommend completing all the required MATH courses, STAT 311 and STAT 302 by the end of your sophomore year. The demand for MATH 300, MATH 327 and STAT 340 (taken in this order) is large enough that you may have to be an officially declared Statistics major even to enroll in MATH 300.

The sample program below shows how taking CSE 142 and MATH 307 in the Freshman year deals with the issue of becoming a statistics major as soon as possible, in order to secure a timely enrollment in MATH 300. (If you are able to enroll in MATH 300 in the Spring quarter of your Freshman year, that would give you the greatest flexibility.)









CSE 142



Comment: Apply for STAT BS by the 1st Friday of September.  (But, Autumn Math classes are already full; eg.  M300, M327, M424), as registration for Autumn courses typically begins in early May.




M327 (or Math 300 alternative)

(or, Math 327 alternative)
(or, Math 300 alternative)


or both of 394-3956 (or, M4244 here)


(Possible elective slot)





Remaining Electives

  1. Students entering with AP credit for M124 or M124-M125 can likely take M308 prior to applying for admission.
  2. STAT 220, STAT 221, or STAT 301 is never allowed as a suitable substitute. STAT 311 is a better choice than STAT 390.
  3.  The quarter when STAT 302 is offered could vary from year to year, and it will not always be offered.   If necessary, use CSE 143.
  4. STAT 311 and a minimum grade of 2.5 in Math 327 is required to enroll in either STAT 340 or STAT 341.
  5. The combination of both STAT/ MATH 394 and 395 may be used to replace STAT 340 as a prerequisite to STAT 341.  If so, STAT 311 and a minimum grade of 2.5 in Math 327 will also be required prior to STAT 341.
  6. All Statistics majors MUST complete STAT 342 prior to enrolling in STAT 421 and 423. (STAT 390 or STAT 509 are NOT  sufficient for a Statistics major to enroll in either STAT 421 or STAT 423.