Who's Who in the department

Got a problem? Use the tables below to find out whom to contact.

Computing Related Problems

For computing problems, help@stat is generally the place to go. That address is monitored by the computing staff. Chances are someone will either be able to help you or will know where to send you.

Computing Questions: help@stat.washington.edu
Webpage: webmaster@stat.washington.edu
Getting a web directory (for your web site): help@stat.washington.edu
Getting your web page linked to the main site: webmaster@stat.washington.edu


Academic Problems

Consulting schedule: Kristine Chan (Stat Office/B-313)
Help with registration, scheduling of finals, generals, prelims: For Ph.D. & Part-Time/Concurrent M.S. Students:
Ellen Reynolds (B-309)

For Full-Time M.S. & Undergraduate Students:
Mee-Ling Hon (Stat Office/B-313A)


Publishing technical reports: Information in this guide or email the webmaster


Administrative Problems

Change contact information, seminar/exam notices: Kristine Chan (Stat Office/B-313)
Booking stat department rooms (e.g. C-301 or C-302): Tracy Pham (Stat Office/B-313)
Booking non-stat rooms (for exams, seminars, discussions etc): Mee-Ling Hon (Stat Office/B-313A)
Payroll questions: Tracy Pham (Stat Office/B-313)


Teaching Problems

Who is the lead TA? Wenyu Chen
Who are the Graduate Student Representatives (GSRs)?

For Ph.D. Students:
Kristof Glauninger & Peter Gao

For M.S Students:
Zhen Miao


Other Problems

Who organizes the social activities?

Vickie GraybealKristine Chan and Tracy Pham

Stat Office/B-313

How do I become a grader? Tracy Pham (Stat Office/B-313)
What is GPSS? Who are our senators? GPSS is the official student government for graduate and professional students at the University of Washington. Visit their site for more information.
What's this union thing? The graduate student union, formally known as the Graduate Student Employee Action Coalition (GSEAC), was formed in 2004. The details of the contract between the UW and the Graduate Student Union are here. You are not required to join the union, but you are required to pay dues. (If you are not a member of the union, you pay reduced dues.) You should receive literature in the mail about the union at the start of each year.

If you want to bring something up with the Faculty: Speak to them directly or talk to the GSRs, who represent the students at Faculty meetings (among numerous other duties)